High School

HQIS Students have a set of learner traits that guide students to become internationally minded, global thinkers who are prepared to contribute positively to our world.

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At the Middle and High School, we are offering a holistic program guided by three pillars of learning: Academic Rigor, 21-Century Skills, and Living Environment. The three pillars are supported by courses based on American curriculum standards, with AP as the capstone. We are currently offering AP Math, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, and AP Biology and will add more AP courses in the future.

In addition, our program has a focus on inquiry-based instruction, which aims to connect student learning to real-world, global, and multicultural issues related to the different disciplines. Through inquiry, we encourage students to develop learning and thinking skills that are critical to study and life after middle and high school.

High School Credit Outline

In grades 9-12, students must earn a minimum of 21.5 academic credits. Graduation requirements provide a critical balance of work in each of the essential academic areas, including English, Social Studies, Mandarin, Science, Math, Music, Visual Arts, and Physical Education.

High School curriculum subjects will include:

English, Mathematics, Sciences (Biology, Physics, Chemistry), History/Geography, Language (Mandarin).  HS Students will be offered Electives STEAM/Design, Visual Arts, Music (Orchestra), International Relations, Computer Programming, Business Studies, etc.

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